Seller Assistant (Chatbots for CRM)

Conversation is the new UI. Drive revenue and CRM excellence using the power of AI. Augment human effort with a customizable chat workflow. Make AI your admin (update CRM, keep track of tasks and meetings). Since the seller assistant chatbot can help sales teams with routine activities, the sales teams can devote more time to solve real issues.

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Sales Intelligence Bots (Voice & Video Bots)

Talk to your CRM. Voice-controlled, AI-powered Sales Analyst Bot for instant business insights - rich graphs and metrics. It is a business intelligence interface controlled by voice using Amazon Alexa. Ask your query and get the results displayed on the web, Echo Show, e-mailed. It is a frictionless way to get information without hours of labour on spreadsheets and slide decks.

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CRM + Sales Force Automation

Outwork AI - is a sales acceleration platform with a comprehensive feature set. It is a Mobile + Web Solution which helps sales teams perform better by making them more productive and giving them actionable insights. It provides sales people on-the-go, easy data capture, automated reporting and intelligent notifications.It provides sales people on-the-go, easy data capture

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Website Chatbots

Outwork's Website Chatbots can be used for lead capture and qualification as well as showcasing your products. They reduce response time to potential customers dramatically. It is the equivalent of having a 24/7 sales representative. It can also route leads to the right sales person and update your CRM.

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