Seller Assistant (Chatbots for CRM)

The future of artificial intelligence in CRM and Sales Force Automation rests with bots. Chatbots are coming to CRM and will be ubiquitous shortly. AI-powered Virtual Assistants can have a powerful impact on productivity. Salespeople can be more efficient if they use smart assistants for CRMs and other business applications.

Outwork AI Seller Assistant is a chatbot with customizable workflow that provides a friction-less seller experience. It works with Outwork, Salesforce and can be integrated with other enterprise applications as needed.


Why Outwork AI Seller Assistant ?

When it comes to capturing and reporting sales operations, a chatbot integrated with CRM has the potential to drive your sales strategy ahead of
the curve. Give your sellers a personal assistant chatbot to do their CRM updates, admin work and leverage the power of artificial intelligence.

Ease of Use

Conversation is the new interface. No system training overhead

E-mail Integration

Integrate with E-mail and get the relevant data sent when needed

Customizable workflows

Configure the conversation flow to match your organization’s needs

Pocket Assistant

No need to follow-up with other people for all standard queries

Instant Responses

For all routine queries and actions. No need to log into the system.

Time & Effort Saved

Entering and retrieving data is no longer a big time and effort overhead

No Data Leakage

Ensures everyone has data at the fingertips

Cost Effective

In the long run, changes to the flow & more data-types are easily handled


Improve CRM Hygiene

Get better CRM (Salesforce / Outwork) compliance and usage

Increase accountability

All updates and information is one conversation away

No loss of momentum

Reduces cumbersome one-to-one follow-ups and provides contextually relevant information instantly

Customize the workflow

The dialog flow can be configured as per your process

Know the pulse of every deal and account

Log meetings and view them easily

Single Interface

Can integrate multiple systems

To AI power your sales teams,

Hello! I am Outwork Assistant.
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Outwork Assistant