Sales Intelligence Bots (Voice & Video Bots)

Voice will become the future UI of enterprise systems like CRMs. A Sales Intelligence Bot can become a AI-powered virtual Sales Analyst who can provide necessary insights and metrics on-demand.

Most bots today are text-based but enterprise smart assistants combined with voice activation like Outwork Sales Intelligence Bot can disrupt the way you work. Workplace voice-activated smart assistants could allow you to multi-task – you wouldn’t need to physically interact with or see the devices you’re using. Outwork’s Sales Intelligence Bot works with Outwork as well as Salesforce and other major CRM’s.


Use Cases

Sales Intelligence Bot
  • Saves the enormous time spent on making charts, power-points and spreadsheets
  • Run sales review meetings with graphical representation of data
  • For standard questions – Ask the bot – No need to open your system
  • Project to a web URL what you are talking to your remote teams
Sales Training Bot
  • Train staff on your products, solutions and services
  • Train your new employees on sales related pratices and policies
  • Have a automated FAQ response system



Be data driven

Ingest Analyze Notify sales related details and data faster

Customize the Interaction flow

To suit your Organization’s specific needs

On Demand Data

Respond faster – Maximize pipeline through appropriate interventions not waiting for data

Achieve multiple objectives

Use the bot for sales enablement and product training

Save time

Data extraction and graph preparation is automated

24/7 Sales Analyst

Get a fit for purpose analyst for salesforce data analytics Who doesn’t get tired

To AI power your sales teams,

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