Why Outwork AI

Outwork AI is a sales acceleration platform with a comprehensive feature set, using AI for both data input and analysis.

About Outwork AI

Outwork AI is a personal assistant to the sales person by prompting action where needed and setting reminders through easy interfaces – touch (app), chat (bot) and voice (Alexa). Its deep analytics and AI-powered recommendations help managers drive behaviors that will lead to more revenue.

Outwork AI Mobile First Sales CRM + Sales Force Automation (SFA) provides complete sales activity management, like visit reports, geo-tagging, and tasks along with all the features of a sales CRM like opportunities, leads, contacts and organizations. It helps sales teams perform better by making them more productive and giving them actionable insights.

Outwork provides sales teams on-the-go, easy data capture, automated reporting, intelligent notifications and gives managers a complete picture of activities, detailed analytics and enables real-time interventions. It gives sellers a frictionless way to capture and get sales and activity data. Outwork provides automated reporting and rich insights for sales leaders and organizations. It gives sales managers a complete picture of sales activities, detailed analytics and enables real-time interventions

  • Sales Planning

    Tasks, Planner and Organizations & Contacts

  • Sales Execution

    Daily Call Report, Opportunities, Leads, Sales, GPS & Time stamp. Chatbot assistant.

  • Sales Reports & Insights:

    Detailed reports, Analysis of sales and activities, Automated excel reports, web based charts & graphs. Amazon Alexa powered assistant.

  • Sales Enablement:

    Resource Library, Message Center and Quiz

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